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Who is Patrick Murray?

Patrick Murray has always been a theater lover, first as an actor in various plays and then by writing them himself.

The work of staging words, the love of performance and sharing that they embody, made him want to return to school to master their essence.

Patrick Murray has written several plays as well as other works that invite him to travel. Whether it be through film, plays or books.

My Choice tells the story of a couple, Fanny, a Filipino, and Tomas, an American. Fanny's heavy family past comes back to haunt her: her ex-boyfriend, Marco, contacts her to help his little brother Rico, who is currently hospitalized. This, in a context where Fanny's family members do not hesitate to accuse her of having abandoned them with their difficulties and their misery. Fanny is reluctant to help Marco, refuses to let her future husband Tomas pay the bills and refuses to share the problem with him, adding to the challenges and conflicts within the couple. Marco's shenanigans make her realize the weaknesses in her personality that she needs to improve in order to have healthier relationships and deal with problems properly. Will she succeed? Is she up to the task? And how will Tomas react in this emotional maze? Will their relationship survive? It's a challenging journey ahead of them.

Genie is a fictionalized psychological crime drama that tells the story of an investigator who is psychologically shattered after being kidnapped, tortured and hospitalized. He seeks to regain control of himself in order to investigate and find the criminal who killed his family.

Educational book for children

The book is a contract with a private firm to develop an educational book, school level.


TV series

Humorous TV series. More info coming soon !


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